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Q. What is Hunar India?

Ans. 1- Hunar India is a gateway to innovative education where an aspirant’s; innate talent, skills, professional qualification and subject knowledge in schools as well as colleges; are identified, cultivated and enhanced. Hunar India targets to fulfil the growing need for manpower in India across various sectors. Its major focus is to develop an entrepreneurship-oriented skill development ecosystem.

Q. How does Hunar India facilitates School Students?

Ans. 2- Hunar India facilitates school students by providing them school curriculum of class 6th to 12th of CBSE & ICSE/ISC boards. We provide all three streams, Science, Commerce and Humanities. Hunar India also provides Skilling Courses, Computer Courses, Project Based Learning, Career Counseling, Foundation Course, Foreign languages and Entrepreneurial Orientation Course.

Q. How does Hunar India facilitates College going students?

Ans. 3- Hunar India facilitates College going students by providing them Job Oriented Courses, Professional Courses, Technical Courses, start-Up Program, Industrial PBL. Hunar India also provides Hobby Courses, IT Courses, IELTS, Career Counseling and Entrepreneurial Orientation Course.

Q. How does Hunar India facilitates Competitive Aspirants?

Ans. 4- Hunar India facilitates Competitive Aspirants by providing them complete packages of Engineering, Medical Entrance Exams along with Test series and Mock Tests. Hunar India also provides competitive packages of Bank Exams, SSC, Defense, UPSSSC and Railway Exams. Our competitive Exam series help students to analyze their students.

Q. How does Hunar India develops and nurtures young Entrepreneurs?

Ans. 4- Hunar India nurtures young Entrepreneurs by providing Industrial Documentaries, Business Ideas, Project Reports, Industrial Episodes and Professional episodes. Hunar India updates about different government schemes for Entrepreneurs and also help to apply for loan.

  • Industrial Documentaries:These documentaries provide insights into the various industries that young entrepreneurs can explore. They showcase the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in each industry, and feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

  • Business Ideas: Hunar India offers a wide range of business ideas to young entrepreneurs. These ideas are carefully curated to be relevant to the Indian market and to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs.

  • Project Reports: Hunar India provides project reports for a variety of businesses. These reports provide detailed information on the business idea, including the market size, target audience, financial projections, and operational plan.

  • Industrial Episodes: Very detailed insights of various businesses and industries provided itself by industrial experts and existing entrepreneurs.

  • Professional Episodes: These episodes feature experts from various fields sharing their knowledge and advice on entrepreneurship. They cover topics such as business planning, marketing, finance, and legal compliance.

  • Government Schemes for Entrepreneurs: Hunar India provides information on various government schemes that support entrepreneurs. They also help entrepreneurs to apply for these schemes.

In addition to these resources, Hunar India also offers a variety of training programs and mentorship services to young entrepreneurs. These programs and services help entrepreneurs to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Hunar India is a valuable resource for young entrepreneurs in India. It provides them with the resources and support they need to start and grow their businesses.

Q. Why should I purchase your content when everything is available on internet?

Ans. 1- Free content may not be aligned with your school's curriculum. This can make it difficult to use the content to supplement your studies or to prepare for exams.
2- If you have questions about the content, you may not have access to support from the instructor or other students. This can make it difficult to get help if you are struggling with the material.
3- There will be no certification for your learning or task completion.
4- We will provide certificate which will be issued in association with NSDC (National Skill Development Council).
5- We will help you to connect with the experts of the field.

Q.Why there is no signature of any authority on the certificate which is issued?

Ans. Only the e-certificate will be made available. Hard copies will not be dispatched. It will be e-verifiable at hunarindia.org.in

Q. I have already purchased subscription of other portals, why should I purchase your subscription now? OR What sets your platform apart from other Ed Techs?

Ans. Hunar India is a flag bearer of common mission and vision of NSDC & OLExpert which is to catalyze entrepreneurship oriented skill development through knowledge dissemination. You will not get variety of courses on a single platform anywhere else, we provide school, college, entrance & competitive segment we also have entrepreneurship programs. We provide complete industrial solutions to fulfill the dream of young entrepreneurs. USP of our courses is that we focus on skill courses and practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. Our job oriented courses help youth to be employed. While our hobby courses give multiple options to make your hobby as a source of earning. We provide a unique family subscription plan which allow you to make a customize package, selected from all verticals. You can also purchase dashboard subscription which allows you to access all available data of a particular dashboard (Vertical). We provide e-certificate for each course, these certificates will have your name and logo of NSDC, IID, OL Expert & Hunar India. (YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CERTIFICATE ONLY IF YOU FULFILL THE REQUIRED CRITERIA)

Q. How will I get certificate for PBL?

Ans. There are few simple steps to get certificate.
1- Watch the episodes of purchased project. Your watch time should be minimum 75%
2- Pass the assessment of a particular project.
3- Make and submit a project report on the basis of a given prototype project report.
4- Certificate will be issued online on your id.

Q. How can I contact support if I have any issue?

Ans. Our contact details are given below for any query. Phone No: +91 95-5966-8222, +91 95-5966-9222, +91 91-2585-5550 or you can drop a message on given email id, info@olexpert.org.in or olwithexpert@gmail.com

Q. Can I get refund if I’m not satisfied with the course? OR Do you offer any kind of support during the course?

Ans. We may provide a live session with the expert to solve all the queries and doubts. We are also providing digital content and PDF, hence there is no provision of refund.

Q. Can I try out a sample lesson before purchasing any package?

Ans. Demo videos are available with each and every package/ course. Any one can watch it before taking their decision or purchase.

Q. How qualified are your instructors/Faculties/ Trainers and what is their experience?

Ans. Our trainers have proved their potential by giving technical assistance in many government projects. They are also associated with defense projects. We have highly qualified faculties who have huge experience in their field. A number of students have been selected in different competition, under their guidance.Our Industrial Experts are working in renowned industries and have sound experience in their field.

Q. What is Hunar India’s Family Subscription Plan?

Ans. Here's a summary of the key benefits of Hunar India's Family Subscription Plan:

  • Enroll in up to five courses of your choice:The plan provides flexibility to choose courses from various categories, catering to diverse learning interests.

  • Share your subscription: Share the learning experience with family members or friends, expanding their educational opportunities.

  • Cost-effective solution: Enjoy a cost-effective way to access multiple courses for your entire family.

  • Convenient access: : Access courses anytime, anywhere from your preferred devices.

If you're looking for a comprehensive and affordable learning solution for your family, Hunar India's Family Subscription Plan is an excellent choice. It empowers family members to explore their passions, enhance their skills, and achieve their educational goals.

Q. What is Hunar India’s Dashboard Subscription?

Ans. Hunar India's Dashboard Subscription: Unlocking a World of Learning:

Hunar India's Dashboard Subscription offers a comprehensive and boundary-free learning experience, empowering you to upskill and advance your career in a diverse range of fields. With this subscription, you gain unlimited access to all courses and resources within a specific dashboard, catering to your unique learning needs and aspirations

School Dashboard: Nurturing Young Minds and Shaping Future Leaders

Our School Dashboard provides a vast repository of over 300 courses designed to ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning in young minds. Explore the exciting realms of Robotics, Computer Science, Foundation Courses, Foreign Languages, and Career Counselling, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in an ever-evolving world.

College Dashboard: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

The College Dashboard seamlessly transitions you from the academic world into the professional arena. With over 350 Technical, Professional, Skill, and Job-Oriented courses, you'll gain the practical expertise and industry insights sought after by employers. Additionally, our Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) training program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the business world with confidence.

Entrepreneur Dashboard: Cultivating the Spirit of Innovation and Enterprise

The Entrepreneurship Dashboard is a haven for budding entrepreneurs, offering a comprehensive suite of resources to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. Embark on a 100-hour EDP training program, embark on over 300 industrial tours, explore 800+ business ideas, and gain insights from 80+ modules and Industrial Episodes. With this unparalleled support, you'll be well-equipped to transform your business aspirations into reality.

Hunar India's Dashboard Subscription: Your Gateway to Endless Learning Possibilities

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