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The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) aims to fulfil the educational requirements of students in the most coherent manner. Students are advised to be thorough with CBSE Class 7 Science syllabus in order to get an in-depth understanding of each topic in a proper way. Here we are providing the syllabus of CBSE Class 7 Science that is significant in getting a fair idea about the real test paper and marking strategy set by the CBSE board. It provides students, the important science topics present in the CBSE Class 7 Science syllabus, which is indeed prepared by the academic experts to measure students’ understanding of the subject. The syllabus has been broken down into different subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and all the chapters are mentioned there.

Chapter 1: Nutrition In Plants

1.1: Mode of Nutrition In Plants

1.2: Photosynthesis — Food Making Process in Plants

1.3: Other Modes of Nutrition in Plants

1.4: Saprotrophs

1.5: How Nutrients are Replenished in The Soil.

Chapter 2: Nutrition In Animals

2.1: Different Ways of Taking Food

2.2: Digestion in Humans

2.3: Digestion in Grass-Eating Animals

2.4: Feeding and Digestion In Amoeba.

Chapter 3: Fibre To Fabric

3.1: Wool

3.2: Silk.

Chapter 4: Heat

4.1: Hot and Cold

4.2: Measuring Temperature

4.3: Laboratory Thermometer

4.4: Transfer of Heat

4.5: Kinds of Clothes We Wear in Summer and Winter.

Chapter 5: Acids, Bases, And Salts

5.1: Acids and Bases

5.2: Natural Indicators Around Us

5.3: Neutralisation

5.4: Neutralisations in Everyday Life.

Chapter 6: Physical And Chemical Changes

6.1: Physical Changes

6.2: Chemical Change

6.3: Rusting of Iron

6.4: Crystallization.

Chapter 7: Weather Climate And Adaptation Of Animals To Climate

7.1: Weather

7.2: Climate

7.3: Climate and Adaptation.

Chapter 8: Winds, Storms, And Cyclones

8.1: Air Exerts Pressure

8.2: High-Speed Winds Are Accompanied by Reduced Air Pressure

8.3: Air Expands on Heating

8.4: Wind Currents Are Generated Due to Uneven Heating on The Earth

8.5: Thunderstorms and Cyclones

8.6: Destruction Caused by Cyclones

8.7: Effective Safety Measures

8.8: Advanced Technology Has Helped

Chapter 9: Soil

9.1: Soil Teeming with Life

9.2: Soil Profile

9.3: Soil Types

9.4: Properties of Soil

9.5: Moisture in Soil

9.6: Absorption of Water by Soil

9.7: Soil and Crops.

Chapter 10: Respiration In Organisms

10.1: Why Do We Respire?

10.2: Breathing

10.3: How Do We Breathe?

10.4: What Do We Breathe Out?

10.5: Breathing in Other Animals

10.6: Breathing Under Water

10.7: Do Plants Also Respire?

Chapter 11: Transportation In Animals And Plants

11.1: Circulatory System

11.2: Excretion in Animals

11.3: Transport of Substances in Plants

Chapter12: Reproduction In Plants

12.1: Modes of Reproduction

12.2: Sexual Reproduction

12.3: Fruits and Seed Formation

12.4: Seed Dispersal.

Chapter 13: Motion And Time

13.1: Slow or Fast

13.2: Speed

13.3: Measurement of Time

13.4: Measuring Speed

13.5: Distance-Time Graph.

Chapter 14: Electric Current And Its Effects

14.1: Symbols of Electric Components

14.2: Heating Effect of Electric Current

14.3: Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

14.4: Electromagnet

14.5: Electric Bell.

Chapter 15: Light

15.1: Light Travels Along A Straight Line

15.2: Reflection of Light

15.3: Right or Left!

15.4: Playing with Spherical Mirrors

15.5: Images Formed by Lenses

15.6: Sunlight — White Or Coloured?.

Chapter 16: Water: A Precious Resource

16.1: How Much Water Is Available

16.2: Forms of Water

16.3: Groundwater as An Important Source of Water

16.4: Depletion of Water Table

16.5: Distribution of Water

16.6: Water Management

16.7: What Role You Can Play

16.8: Effect of Water Scarcity on Plants.

Chapter 17: Forest: Our Lifeline

17.1: Visit a Forest

Chapter 18: Waste Water Story

18.1: Water, Our Lifeline

18.2: What Is Sewage?

18.3: Water Freshens Up – An Eventful Journey

18.4: Wastewater Treatment Plant

18.5: Better House Keeping Practices

18.6: Sanitation and Disease

18.7: Alternative Arrangement for Sewage Disposal

18.8: Sanitation at Public Places.



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