Automatic Rain car wiper
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An automatic rain car viper, also known as automatic rain-sensing wipers or automatic windshield wipers, is a feature in modern cars that detects rain or moisture on the windshield and automatically turns on the wipers to clear it away. The system uses sensors, typically mounted on the windshield, to detect the amount of rain and adjust the wiper speed accordingly. This feature provides convenience and improves safety for the driver by ensuring clear visibility in inclement weather conditions.

An automatic rain car viper is a mechanism installed in vehicles to automatically control the movement of the wiper blades in response to the amount of rainfall. It is designed to improve visibility and safety for the driver during rainy conditions by ensuring that the windshield is kept clear of rainwater and debris.

The automatic rain car viper system typically consists of several components, including rain sensors, control units, and wiper blades. The rain sensors are usually located on the windshield or the windshield wiper arm and are designed to detect the presence and intensity of rainfall. The sensors use infrared technology to measure the amount of rainfall and send signals to the control unit.

The control unit is responsible for interpreting the signals from the rain sensors and controlling the movement of the wiper blades. It is usually located in the engine compartment or dashboard and is connected to the rain sensors and wiper blades through a series of electrical wires.

When rain is detected by the rain sensors, the control unit sends signals to the wiper blades to start moving. The speed and movement of the wiper blades are determined by the intensity of the rainfall, with the blades moving faster in heavy rain and slower in light rain. The control unit also has the ability to adjust the interval between wiper movements, depending on the amount of rainfall.

In addition to improving visibility and safety, the automatic rain car viper system also helps to prolong the lifespan of the wiper blades by reducing unnecessary wear and tear. Because the blades only move when rain is detected, they are not subjected to the constant friction and pressure that occurs when they are moved manually.

Overall, the automatic rain car viper system is a useful and convenient feature that improves driving safety and reduces driver fatigue during rainy conditions. It is becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles and is a standard feature in many high-end models.

₹250.00 ₹500.00

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