Cashew Processing Units
College Level - Agro Food Processing

Packages comprises of

  • Recorded Lectures
  • Study Material - Pdf
  • Edp
  • Assessment followed by certificate after completion of 50 %
  • Prototype Project view of minimum duration
  • Mentorship
  • Submission of Project
  • Certificate after successful completion of project work


India is among the top producers of cashew nuts, next to Vietnam, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast. These four countries contribute to 70 % of the global cashew production. Cashew processing is a series of unit operations essential to make available, the edible nut. Considering the growing demand for cashew at both global and national levels, it is imperative to increase the production and productivity of raw cashew nuts. The cashew industry ranks third in the world production of edible nuts. The major exporters of cashew in the world are India and Brazil with 60% and 31% respectively of the world market share.

Variations in processing methodology between different manufacturers are attributed to differences in cashew, availability of equipment type, human resource, and fuel source. In India, most cashew processing units are at the rural level. Most cashew processing units continue to involve non-standardized unit operations that result in huge losses of fuel and energy. Steaming or roasting of raw cashew nuts and mechanical drying of kernels are classical examples. So It is necessary to acquire correct knowledge & technical guideline before entering this industry.


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