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Why Psychometric Test?

Why Psychometric Test?

The Psychometric Test enables the student to opt for the most suitable career for the future, by negating the bias in making the career decision. The assessments are standardized which encourages you to make the most appropriate choice for your career.

Find the top 20 most suitable Non-med and General Careers for you

Know your aptitude, interests and personality

Take measures to achieve your goals

Identify strengths and potential weaknesses in for the career search process

Plan career goals and action steps

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Take our test

Know your current traits
Know your current traits

Follow your customized Development Plan
Follow your customized Development Plan

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See our recommendations for you

Our Counsellor

Our Counsellor

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Psychometric Test Report

The custom-made report provides a detailed understanding of the most suitable career options based on the analysis of the assessments.

  • Detailed analysis of an individual's strengths and capabilities

  • Provides a career path for the future

  • Increases the likeability of future success and satisfaction

  • Custom-made questions based on industry needs

  • Real-time results

  • Expert guidance

  • Caters to all sets of individuals and not specific to any specific

More Test Features



Variety of Test

Multiple types of tests to gauge you from many angles with over 25+ different types of Questions represented.



Detail Oriented

Most detailed Career Compatibility tests in India covering over 700+ data points and rates your abilities by comparing your nature with your peers.



Discover hidden Qualities

Discover more than 60+ qualities and skills on 5 big dimensions and then introspect yourself deeply.



Personalized Plan

Personalized 3 Months developmental plan based on the results of the tests and students' aspirations.



Contemporary Content

1000+ Contemporary Videos from the Best Speakers of The World, picked out using State of the Art AI tools.



Aptitude Analysis

Our Aptitude test measures your real aptitude rather than the one developed because of rote learning.

Student problem that our psychometric test resolves

  • Intrinsic motivation is when you are internally motivated to do things; you feel the joy and excitement to do it.
  • Your career should be one of the things which can make you feel excited and full of joy
  • Students with internal motivation say things like
    • I feel good succeeding in class
    • Knowing about history excites me
  • As compared to external motivation, internal motivation is more self-fulfilling and long-lasting
  • Sadly, less efforts are made by the school authorities or parents to develop the interest of child internally
  • Efforts made by the authorities should focus more on the subject rather than on rewards and punishments
Student problem that our psychometric test resolves

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