Total 27 Courses Found
13 Lectures
3:32:03 Duration

Bakery Technology
11 Lectures
11:23:11 Duration

Organic Vegetable Cultivation
5 Lectures
0:53:00 Duration

Handmade Jewelry Making
34 Lectures
31:27:31 Duration

Bio Flock Fish Farming
15 Lectures
6:1:06 Duration

Mushroom Cultivation Business
33 Lectures
27:23:27 Duration

Confection Business Models
24 Lectures
67:12:07 Duration

Poultry Farming
12 Lectures
2:10:02 Duration

Goat Farming Business
6 Lectures
3:30:03 Duration

Happiness Coach
62 Lectures
14:54:14 Duration

Life Skill and Value Education
59 Lectures
9:55:09 Duration

Digital Marketing
21 Lectures
8:37:08 Duration

Digital Art & Caricature
40 Lectures
7:44:07 Duration

Yoga & Correctives
17 Lectures
6:19:06 Duration

22 Lectures
5:12:05 Duration

2D & 3D Animation
8 Lectures
11:0:11 Duration

Cultivation Technology of Bamboo
16 Lectures
11:16:11 Duration

Vermicompost Production
7 Lectures
0:57:00 Duration

44 Lectures
26:27:26 Duration

13 Lectures
14:20:14 Duration

Jaggery Business
12 Lectures
13:49:13 Duration

Namkeen Processing Technology
14 Lectures
1:39:01 Duration

Rooftop Farming Business
24 Lectures
13:22:13 Duration

Organic Farming Business

7 Lectures
3:8:03 Duration

Nail Artist

11 Lectures
2:52:02 Duration


15 Lectures
7:4:07 Duration


2 Lectures
1:54:01 Duration

Inner Engineering

Hunar FAQ's

Q. What hobby courses do you offer?

Ans. We offer a diverse range of hobby courses to cater to various interests and passions, including happiness coach, photography, podcasting, life skill and value education, nail artist, yoga and correctives, digital art and caricature and more.

Q. How are the hobby courses structured?

Ans. Our hobby courses are designed to be enjoyable and interactive, with engaging video lessons, step-by-step tutorials, and hands-on activities to enhance your learning experience.

Q. How do I choose the right hobby course for myself?

Ans. Consider your interests, hobbies, and passions when selecting a course. Whether you're looking to explore a new hobby or enhance existing skills, we have a course for you!

Q. How long does it take to complete a typical course?

Ans. Duration of these courses is user specific. Duration varies from few weeks to several months.

Q.Do you offer certificates of completion?

Ans. Completing these courses prepares you for recognized certifications that significantly boost your resume and accelerate your career path.

Q. Is the course content in English or Hindi?

Ans. The courses are designed in an engaging Hinglish format, making them easy to learn and understand.

Q. What if one wants to enroll multiple hobby courses?

Ans. Hunar India's exclusive Dashboard subscription offers cost-effective access to enroll in multiple courses simultaneously. Get started for just ₹5,000!

Q. Are the course curriculums regularly updated to reflect current industry trends?

Ans. All our content is updated according to current industry trends.

Q. How is this course different from other free hobby courses available online?

Ans. Our courses offer structured learning with recognized certifications, unlike many free options that lack a clear path to career advancement.

Q. Is there an assessment or exam required to earn the course certificate?

Ans. Yes, You have to complete and pass an assessment to earn your certificate.

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