Total 32 Courses Found
58 Lectures
30:9:30 Duration

Java Core
13 Lectures
22:47:22 Duration

Field Technician Computing & Peripherals (FTCP)
8 Lectures
26:39:26 Duration

Field Technician Networking and Storage (FTNS)
12 Lectures
15:50:15 Duration

Basic Laws of Cyber Crimes and Laws
16 Lectures
23:32:23 Duration

Communication & Collaboration In Computer
24 Lectures
33:1:33 Duration

Internet, WWW, and Web Browser
19 Lectures
16:10:16 Duration

Making Small Presentation
12 Lectures
9:47:09 Duration

Using Spread Sheet
14 Lectures
20:42:20 Duration

The Basics of Word Processing
18 Lectures
20:17:20 Duration

GUI-Based Operating System in Computer
17 Lectures
16:30:16 Duration

Robotics (Arduino)
23 Lectures
30:13:30 Duration

C Programming
14 Lectures
7:23:07 Duration

Advance Java
36 Lectures
32:22:32 Duration

.NET Programming
12 Lectures
2:47:02 Duration

Green Jobs (Green Energy)
29 Lectures
8:27:08 Duration

Block Chain Technology
21 Lectures
12:38:12 Duration

Advance Excel
15 Lectures
4:14:04 Duration

Big Data Analytics (Hadoop)
27 Lectures
6:33:06 Duration

C++ Programming
22 Lectures
35:56:35 Duration

Junior Software Developer
6 Lectures
2:7:02 Duration

22 Lectures
12:28:12 Duration

Cloud Computing
21 Lectures
8:2:08 Duration

Internet of Things (IOT)
15 Lectures
7:11:07 Duration

Scratch Coding
68 Lectures
20:49:20 Duration

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
23 Lectures
6:30:06 Duration

Graphic Designing
39 Lectures
18:21:18 Duration

WordPress No-Coding
19 Lectures
9:7:09 Duration

Web Designing Using HTML & CSS
24 Lectures
18:1:18 Duration

Mobile App Development
16 Lectures
9:46:09 Duration

Python Advance
15 Lectures
14:26:14 Duration

Python - Core Course
13 Lectures
2:25:02 Duration

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Hunar FAQ's

Q. What IT courses do we offer?

Ans. Hunar India offers a comprehensive selection of in-demand IT courses that are at the forefront of the market, including Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Cybersecurity, Python, Web and App Development, Raspberry Pi and much more.

Q. What format are the courses offered in?

Ans. Our IT courses are delivered in an engaging, self-paced video format. We also provide supplemental PDF materials to enhance your learning experience.

Q. How to choose the right IT course for yourself?

Ans. Consider your career goals and choose a course that aligns with in-demand IT skills!
Some of the In-demand IT skills right now are: Cloud Computing, AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Python etc.

Q. How long does it take to complete a typical course?

Ans. Duration of these courses is user specific. Duration varies from few weeks to several months.

Q.Do you offer certificates of completion?

Ans. Completing these courses prepares you for recognized certifications that significantly boost your resume and accelerate your career path.

Q. Is the course content in English or Hindi?

Ans. The courses are designed in an engaging Hinglish format, making them easy to learn and understand.

Q. What if one wants to enroll multiple It courses?

Ans. Hunar India's exclusive Dashboard subscription offers cost-effective access to enroll in multiple courses simultaneously. Get started for just ₹5,000!

Q. Are the course curriculums regularly updated to reflect current industry trends?

Ans. All our content is updated according to current industry trends.

Q. How is this course different from other free IT courses available online?

Ans. Our courses offer structured learning with recognized certifications, unlike many free options that lack a clear path to career advancement.

Q. Is there an assessment or exam required to earn the course certificate?

Ans. Yes, You have to complete and pass an assessment to earn your certificate.

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