Project Work

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL involves the real time interaction of student with live machine, teaching, industries and experience the real world problems and complex senarios.

A journery from
subjective knowledge to
practical world

Why Project work from OLExpert?

  • Rote learning to Industrial approach
  • Breaking the concept of traditional learning pattern
  • Holistic Development
  • Verbal, Visual, Logical and Kinesthetic module based

Importance of Project based learning

  • Skill based learning
  • Learning with Practicals
  • Garnering support in higher education
  • Constructing mental models of the world

Hunar FAQ's

Ans. Project based learning is a journey from subjective knowledge to practical world. PBL aligns with the NEP 2020’s vision of a multi-disciplinary and holistic education system that prepare students for life and work.

Ans.In PBL, we cover all the relevant topics in science that are part of the syllabus. Our goal is to provide comprehensive knowledge to the learners. For example, students in classes 10 or 12 memorize the principles, workings, and applications of various devices and equipment. We not only offer theoretical knowledge but also provide practical experience by teaching them to implement the use of equipment such as motors, batteries, torches, rectifiers, amplifiers, etc.

Ans.In PBL, each project consists of five episodes. The first episode involves explaining the theoretical concepts. In the second episode, we explore the actual appearance of components used in the device/equipment. The third episode focuses on constructing the given project in a simple manner, making it easily implementable by anyone. In the fourth episode, we connect with an industrial expert, and in the fifth episode, we embark on a virtual industrial tour.

Ans. Yes, anyone can obtain a certificate upon completion of the procedure. There are few simple steps to get certificate. 1- Watch the episodes of purchased project. Your watch time should be minimum 75% 2- Pass the assessment of a particular project. 3- Make and submit a project report on the basis of a given prototype project report. 4- Certificate will be issued online on your id.

Ans. Anyone can join PBL whether he/she is student, teacher or working professional.

Ans.In PBL, we cover not only topics from the standard curriculum but also explore projects related to IoT, Solar Technology, and Arduino UNO-based Robotic projects. We have implemented numerous projects addressing everyday life problems, such as the Smart Irrigation System, Firefighting Robot, Water Level Indicator, Smart Parking, U-turn Management System, and more.

Ans. There are more than 85 projects are available as per now.

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